Fort Langley

Babes… I went to Fort Langley… AND I LOVE EVERYTHING!

Okay, let me start by saying how beautiful it is. It is the perfect mix of boutique stores and coffee shops. What more could a girl ask for?!



So to start my little venture I went to Blacksmith Bakery, ’cause your girl can’t function without caffeine, and let me say, IT IS SO CUTE! The tea was amazing, the staff was amazing, and the decor was.. you guessed it, AMAZING!



Next, after a little walking around, I stopped at Bella and Wren. Seriously. So. Cute. The owners make you feel like family, this Rose Quartz Roller saved my puffy face, and they have the most stylish clothes (for real, check the links in the Shop My Closet tab). Who needs Fall jackets? I got you ladies, BELLA AND WREN!



Just when I thought I couldn’t get more excited, I walked next door and…




Last but not least, I stopped by Niche Boutique Florals. It is gorgeous. Who doesn’t love seeing fresh flowers, and check out this cute bike outside!



Y’all need to go to Fort Langley. It is picture perfect AND you can shop, eat and drink. I officially found Disneyland in British Columbia.

Sincerely, Greys ♥

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